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Today I am going to review a portable keychain charging cable from a company called Incharge founded by Lorenzo and Carlo Edoardo Ferraris, brothers from Milan, Italy.
Currently, Lorenzo is an engineering student, while Carlo Edoardo studies economics.
After working in the online industry together, in September 2014 they conceived inCharge. They launched their first crowdfunding campaign. More than 25.000 people believed in inCharge, and in less that 2 months, their campaign was 1200% successfully funded. While delivering the first units to their backers, they kept working on improving their product. Today they are selling inCharge worldwide, and they aim to keep innovating with new projects and ideas. The cable is very unique and I don’t think you are going to find a copycat on Amazon. 


Product Name: InCharge Charge and Sync Cable


The Review:

The packaging, comes in a small sealed package packed inside is the sync cable with one key chain ring if you choose to use it and for retail purposes specifications are printed on the back of the package which not that many reviews talked about 

The sync cable does have a identifying mark the InCharge name, This sync cable is very different from others I’ve reviewed in terms of design,durability and that there is no copycat like this on amazon it’s unique and the concept works. I’ve reviewed cables sorta like the NomadClip or NomadKey but I still prefer Incharge cables it’s not as big and it’s thiner and compact then Nomad’s products. It’s easy to find too since they do come in 9 cool colors Black,Lime,Red,Cyan,Pink,Purple,Gray,Orange and White

if it’s on the ground in the car or in your bedroom or even at the bottom of your backpack you are certain to find the cable they even added white ends where the USB and phone connection are. It’s made of coated flat bendable rubber cable but no need to worry it doesn’t feel greasy the USB is safe for keys since it’s got gold embed chips into the plastic so the sync cable can still be read for power or syncing the device I think this product lives up to the fresh design Incharge has envisioned for their products in my opinion…


So yes the sync cable is priced a ok compared to some other small charging cables on the market but is it even worth it? I would say Yes! if you want a durable sync cable to last and also be more portable and last MUCH LONGER than the typical micro usb sync cable 


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